Friday, August 22, 2008

Snowed In: Rachel Hawthorne

Hey guys! Too long since the last book and the first ever book review. Sometimes I think this blog is just something for me to have about books, like an online diary without you guys knowing that I read sometimes in the bathroom. It's not big deal. *hangs head in shame* But here's a way new book by one of my favorite authors: Rachel Hawthorne!

Ashleigh Sneaux has lived in Texas her whole life. That is until, her dad decided to remarry and her mom decided to move all the way to the north. To an island. To host a bed and breakfast hotel for guests. Ashleigh has never even seen the cold, so she was pretty excited until she got there. Who knew that it would be THAT cold?
Meeting her 'new best friend' Nathalie who refers to her boyfriend as 'my boyfriend' never by name, and Chance who's a player but asks Ashleigh out but also secretly craves for Nathalie. And then there's Jake. The carpenter guy, who turns out to be Nathalie's boyfriend. And who keeps on thinking about here, and also why is she even thinking about him? She's not even looking for a boyfriend. Ashleigh becomes more sure of herself as the story goes on, and finds out that true love is in the midst, even for her.

For me: I loved this boook! It's hilarious, beautiful, and makes me want to hug it. If you love any of Rachel's books I suggest you go for this. Or, any romantic comedies. *sigh* I do love those.

Peace until the next review!