Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ooops, I got Marked again..

Kristen Cast and her mother, P.C. Cast join together for an unforgettable series! Yeah, we know there are a lot of vampire books coming out, but these are unique!

Zoey Redbird, upon being Marked (which means having a crescent moon tattooed on your forehead) has to go to the House of Night, a vampyre finishing school, and if she won't...she'll die. Being Marked is bad enough, according to her mother and her stepfather but soon she's comfortable there with some new friends. But, the leader of the Dark Daughters, Aphrodite, is wreaking havoc on the House of Night, so Zoey; who's been actually given powers from the vampyre goddess Nyx, sets out to store things right. It also doesn't help that she craves her ex-boyfriend's blood.

Readers of Twilight, Vampire Kisses, or any fantasy novel will be sure to be hooked on these!

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